The team of our website gathered for you the actual information about online casino free bonus system. In this article, you will find an explanation about the casino bonuses idea and how to get them playing different online games and winning free slots. We will list the most popular ways to get bonuses and will talk about such an important question of how to cash out the winnings from your account. Read this material properly to get the whole picture of the online casino bonuses system and conclusions regarding their advantages as well as their minuses.

No Deposit Bonuses: how does it work and how to get them?

No deposit bonuses are an inducement from online casinos to get new players involved. These bonuses are usually given to gamers as a free credit, which can be used for betting in different games.
No deposit bonuses are usually given as a donative for new players. The main purpose of these bonuses is to push the casino brand forward and to obtain the email addresses of potential players to use this information later for casino promotion. But anyway it is a good way to try playing for free.

Different Types of Casino Bonuses

The most widely spread no deposit bonuses are:

  • «Freespins» on slot machines. These spins in most cases are provided for gamers with no need to replenish the deposit. In other words, each gamer is able to test the fortune and ultimately get real money without paying a cent. Sounds great, isn’t it? According to slots algorithms, such free rotations are usually given in groups (10, 20, 30 times etc.). They also can be given when you are already playing a game for the combinations of special scattered game symbols (Scatters).
  • Bonus money on gamer’s account. Sometimes an additional reward for a gamer can be a certain money amount to his account. As usual, this amount is given as a percentage according to the bet which was made by player and can exceed this bet 100%, 200% and so on.

How to get bonuses?

  • Registering at online casino you usually get a free signup bonus. This is the most popular way to get bonuses starting playing for the first time. First important rule for issuing no deposit bonuses is "One bonus per player". Because the bonus is free, the casino is usually not interested into giving money to the same player over and over again. The registration will also be needed when you will be managing to withdraw your winning. So it is quite important to register fairly.

Another rule you need to consider is the maximum allowable rate. That means that in case a casino sets a maximum bet when playing with a bonus, you should not exceed it. Otherwise, the casino will have a reason to reject the payment. And most casinos will really use that excuse. Keep in mind it is important to carefully read the terms of the bonus using.
The last rule applied in some casinos is that you will need to make a deposit before withdrawing your no deposit bonus. In our opinion, casinos use this as another way of control. Better ask in the helpdesk chat to make sure you understand the terms and conditions correctly.

  • Activation via mobile phone. Some gambling online platforms offer to gamers an opportunity to get no deposit bonuses after downloading their mobile app. Downloading the app is usually provided for free, and the only small issue is mobile casinos could have a smaller selection of games due to their portable size.
  • Posting a link/reposting via social media. In some casinos it is enough to “like” the icon of the online casino in social and share the entry at social networks. After “liking” and reposting you can contact the casino support service and give to an operator a link to your social media showing your entry. An important condition: your social media page must be open for viewing to all users. We do not recommend creating fake pages, your page must be real and "live" (have posts, pictures and friends). If you delete a post from your wall in a social network before wagering a no deposit bonus a payout will be declined.
  • Promocode using. This is a variety of a welcome bonus which is given to a new player and unlocks only after entering the special letter code (for example, NEWPLAYER 2020). Once the code is entered you can use bonus offer until you meet the deposit requirements. There are some restrictions when it comes to promo codes concept which are listed in online casino terms and conditions.
  • Other: birthday occasions, holiday bonuses etc. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses for people who have a birthday in exact period. For example, it can be $100 for people who were born in August. To get such bonus type you need to fill in the registration form pointing your birthday data there. Also the bonuses can be given according to anniversaries and holidays. For example, it can be exact online casino’s birthday.

How to use no deposit bonuses at online casino?

The most popular way to use no deposit bonus slots is playing the different types of online slot machines. To start using bonuses first you need to register at the casino.
Other casino games also offer no deposit bonus: it can be blackjack, roulette, live games and so on. In this case, you also need to register first.

How to turn Casino Bonus into Cash?

Casino rules regarding bonuses cashing out. The most important rule: if you want to withdraw your winnings, the casino will need to confirm your identity. If you registered, for example, as Mr. Smith, you will not be able to make a successful withdrawal. So first you need to fill in the registration form properly. Also consider that if you register several times with one IP, you will not be paid. And also consider the fact that bonus money usually is not given to players for free: to withdraw your winnings you need to fulfil the conditions of the wager. That means that to cash out the player is obliged to make a lot of bets for a large amount, which exceeds the bonus size several times.

Casinos with bonuses advantages:

Pluses. No bonus spins are a great way to hit a road in a magnificent and bright world of online gambling. The bonus main idea is encouraging players to try something new and giving them the confidence they would not waste their own cash dealing with online casinos. For well-experienced gamers no deposit bonus can become an opportunity to try new slots without big money risks.
Minuses. There are terms and conditions of bonus using which are limiting the amount of deals that can be done using free spins, promo codes etc. Of course, some people might say there are no rules which are impossible to get over, but it is not the best idea when it comes to online casinos. Also, there is a wagering system which means you will have to fulfil the wager terms to withdraw the money you won.


Can you make money from casino bonuses?

Of course, it is possible to win a jackpot and get good cash playing bonus online slots. But it will require real depositing anyway if you are managing to cash out. Almos all gamblers play online casinos in their free time making it their hobby but not the main money-making job.

How do I convert my bonus to cash?

There is plenty of ways to convert winning amounts to real money (cash). The casinos use a wide range of online payment systems such as PayPal, Webmoney and so on. But first, you should consider that a lot of casinos offer to players a wagering system. This means the player must spend on bets in order to withdraw his bonus winnings. These terms must be listed in terms and conditions, so better read them properly.

What is a casino bonus?

All online casinos are trying to encourage new players and get them involved deeply in their casino brand. That is the reason the use bonuses which are giving more gambling possibilities and reduce money wasting. These can be bonuses which are given after the player makes his first deposit and also there are no deposit casino bonuses when no deposit is required.

How do you exploit online casino bonuses?

When a player gets bonuses he can start playing any slot machine offered in the online casino or he is able to use bonuses playing other casino games such as roulette, blackjack and so on. To claim for bonuses you need to register or to enter a special code.

Can you win from free spins?

Yes, of course, a player frequently gets winning combinations from free spins. They are similar to spins you get from depositing. But usually, you should wager to withdraw the money you get winning free spins.


No deposit bonus system is provided by 95% of online casinos. This is a secure way to try a new slot machine or other casino games online and to secure players from thoughtless money spending.
We hope all information referred above and in our other casino reviews will be helpful to go through the world of casino no deposit bonus system in order to win.