Progressive Jackpot slots online for free

Why play for the simple jackpot when you can boost your experience and spice things up with an ever-growing jackpot sum? Progressive slot games are becoming the new hotspot in online casinos worldwide. Discover progressive jackpot slot machines at 500freeslots, and find out what makes our progressive slots stand out. A progressive game gives you the opportunity to win big. Seize it today! Register with 500freeslots and enjoy hundreds of free slot games with big, bigger, and huge rewards.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

What makes us love playing slot games is the excitement of winning the jackpots. Every slot game has an attractive jackpot deal, based on which we choose the slot machine. The difference between classic and progressive slots is precisely the type of jackpot you are playing for. Classic slots have a set jackpot amount that you either win or lose in each game, but progressive slots are tempting you with a higher jackpot each time you lose - the more times you lose, the bigger jackpot you can win. A percentage of every qualifying bet you place is adding up to the jackpot amount, which enables you to win big money at random.

The progressive jackpot slot is growing until it is claimed by someone. This means that the more people play the same slot online and lose the spins, the higher the prize is when you finally win it. While different players can contribute to the size of the jackpot within an online casino, some progressive jackpot slots are linked over different casino sites, which can lead to an enormous jackpot won by a random spin by a single player.

How to play progressive jackpot slots?

Now that we are on the same page with what are progressive slots, it is time to warm up and start playing. There are many strategies for playing progressive slots and gambling styles that you can choose from, but it is important to know of the different jackpot types and how they work.

The top of the game

Some progressive casino games online will only let you win a jackpot if you are betting the highest possible stakes. However, there are those who have a range of progressive jackpots available for the variety of amount you would bet. The software recognizes the maximum bets you are betting and boosts your odds to win the biggest jackpot as it progresses.

Get lucky

Win at random. These jackpots are won after a random spin, and there are no special conditions in terms of a bonus game. Sometimes, you would need to place a maximum bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot, though.

Aim for the right combination

Some progressive slots work in a way that you need to get specific symbols on the right payline (for example the 10th payline). This means that you cannot win at a random try, but to play enough times to trigger the jackpot.

A game within a game

Many online slots add a game of spinning the wheel or picking a card to determine the size of your slot machine progressive jackpot. It’s a game where you need to be lucky to get lucky.

What else?

It is worth mentioning that our progressive jackpot games operate under a random number generator (RNG), which creates the atmosphere for a truly random and fair slot game-winning. Some slot machine jackpots have a time-limit as to when they have to be obtained by a gambler, thus enabling you to pick the timing of playing to help your odds.

What are the best progressive jackpot games?

Among the infinite number of slots on the 500freeslots website, we have a special selection of the best progressive games that you can either play for free or bet and win the progressive slot jackpot.

Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah Slot

This extraordinary slot machine game is provided by Microgaming, our favorite software provider, that guarantees fair play and perfect graphics. It comes with 5 spinning reels and many paylines (243 in total). This progressive slot is everything in one game: a bonus game to determine your jackpot amount, free spins for the players, a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol, and a multiplier. This game allows you to win an amazing 4 jackpots in total, while the bets vary from 20 cents to 50 pounds per spin. Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah Slot casino game is also available in a “quick spin” mode.

Neon Rush Splitz Slot

This brand new progressive video slots game is developed by the Yggdrasil Gaming provider, which has presented itself as a collective of masterminds when it comes to slot gambling.  Yggdrasil Gaming uses their own Splitz mechanics within their games, and Neon Rush Splitz Slot is their second game with this kind of solution. The Neon Rush Splitz slot offers an unforgettable experience with a return percentage of 96.30%, five spinning reels, fifteen paylines. It also includes a bonus game, free spins, a Wild symbol, and a Scatter symbol. Id does not include a multiplier. The betting range is from 10 cents to 40 pounds per spin.

Farmer Joe Online Slot

Welcome to the most amusing slot game that you will ever find online. Farmer Joe Slot is developed by GTS, and it is a game full of humor and ultimate fun experience. Within the plot, the cartoony farm residents give all guests big payouts, so everyone will leave as a winner. The storyline walks you among the characters and entangles you in this farm world. It is the progressive jackpot slot experience of the century.

Triple Star Slot

International Game Technology (IGT) designed video-based triple stars slots that provide endless fun within our online slot casino. It is a brand new game, which includes a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol, free spins, and a total of 10 paylines. Become one of the first players to hit the slots and get a great jackpot.

Mega Joker Slot

If you are unsure whether to dive into hitting the jackpot with progressive slot machines, we recommend starting with Mega Joker Slot. Give it a shot and start playing for free, we promise you will love it.

Tips and tricks for jackpot slots 

Now that we have covered what is a progressive slot machine, and had a sneak peek into our most popular and the best progressive jackpot slots, it is time to reveal the secrets to winning on slot machines. As we said, there are progressive jackpot playing strategies, some of which are more effective than others.

Truth to be told, slots are a gambling game of luck, and you can never be certain when you will hit the jackpot. However, the best way to play is to boost your odds by knowing how often do progressive jackpots hit, and how to play around the time they will hit the next time. After you develop the ability to sense the jackpot is about to hit, your odds of you being the one to win it are increasing fast. But how do you know when a slot machine will hit? Let’s go through some steps you should do to get on the right track of winning big jackpots.

Step 1 - Google it

It is very easy to find statistical data about your favorite slot online, and gain information such as recent jackpot wins and when did your jackpot drop last time. Once you see the periodical pattern, you can easily begin creating and applying your strategy to win the slot. Slots progressive must pay jackpot, so why wouldn’t you be the one to win it?

Step 2 - Play before it hits

You should consider playing the progressive jackpot slot that hasn’t dropped in a while, that is overdue. That means that it is about to drop any minute now, and you can easily discover which slot to spin by using the progressive jackpot tracker and a little of progressive jackpot accounting skills. The progressive jackpot accumulates over time, so the closer you are to the dropping, the bigger the win.

Step 3 - Seize the bonus opportunities

Every casino offers a certain amount of bonuses per month, as well as different types of special promotions. Discover free spins and use them for progressive jackpot slots, to increase your odds of winning. Who would say no to the free spins anyhow? You can also use the benefit of a deposit bonus to cash your extra coins and play multiple spins. The more deposit you place - the higher the jackpot you are chasing is.

Step 4 - Receive your jackpot

Some casinos have a monthly withdrawal limit, which could disable receiving of your funds once you win the big jackpot. This is not a problem if you are not in a hurry; however, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to play at the casinos that have no cashout limitations.

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