IOS slot games

Do you wish you can play all your favourite slots machines at all times, to have the spins under your fingertips? With 500freespins, you can dive into a number of slot games for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch adapted to your smart device screen, and win real money while jamming around the city finishing your everyday chores. Choose from our selection of slots and progressive jackpot slots, and use the bonus rounds and free spins with each game. Check out our list of the best iOS slots developed for Apple devices and learn how to play and win the biggest jackpot. No need to visit App store, play 500freeslots real money slots directly from the web browser for free, no registration needed.

Play slots iOS for free

The revolution of iOS software enables the gaming industry to expand and innovate, enabling you to enter the universe of spectacular graphic design of the games you love most and play in real-time online, with millions of players around the globe. 500freeslots is an online mobile casino that is offering you the best of best software providers, and their highlighted slots machine experiences. For all iOS users, there is a selection of real casino slots adapted for the iPhone operating system and screen dimensions, designed to serve an optimal experience. Most of our games are available for free, in their demo version, which is a great way to play with no expenses while searching for the best slots game. When you are looking for free quick hits slots for Apple, there are essential features of the iPad slots that you should keep your eyes out for, and we will go through the important aspects of iPhone casino games in the following chapters of this article.

Slots that pay real money on iPhone

It is super easy to become an iOS casino player and play slots machine games on your smart device. You can choose to play games in the demo version for free, with no need to register and create an account, but you can also become a member, make a deposit, and make real money on your phone, while drinking coffee in your home, before going to work. What is great with our best iPhone slot machines is that the operating system protects your data as much as our software, and your payment process is fast and secure. Once you master the slots games, you can easily become the top winner of jackpots and enjoy big money arriving in your account. The best iPhone slots are games with many benefits, with special symbols that can bring you free spins and bonus rounds if you use the opportunities of each slot game features wisely.

List of Top Notch Popular Apple Mobile Casino Games in the UK

Joker Expand Online Slot

Joker Expand is a slots machine game consists of 40 lines, and it is a great upgrade from its previous versions. The 40 lines are placed on 5 reels at the same time, which is making the game super exciting. The bid range is pretty wide, so different types of gamblers can be satisfied equally. You can bet from 20 cents up to 100 pounds, and gain up to one hundred times more if you get the right combination of symbols that boost your win. The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 96%, which tells that the game is so worth playing since you can win big real money. The sole 40 lines interface of Joker Expand is demonstrating the classic attributes of slot machine games from traditional casinos, all including the fruit symbols. The game itself is very easy to play; making bets is done manually via the buttons on the bottom of the screen on the desktop, and in the center on your mobile device. If you wish, you can play Joker Expand free slots on our app for iPhone in the demo version, with no need to register or deposit.

Pirate Slot
Why are pirates called pirates? Because they arrreee! Igrosoft has once again exceeded the expectations of gamblers developing the spectacular Pirate Slot game. This slot machine originates from the real casino slots, and it kept almost all of its features. In addition to that, there are added features designed to spice things up a bit and help you win faster. The symbols used in this game are authentic and unique: telescopes, swords, barrels of rum and the Pirate himself, resembling the pirate ship lifestyle. Playing the game is self-explanatory, there are clear marks and buttons for bets and starting the game. If you press the Help button, you open a table showing you the winning combinations, which can assist you in creating your personal strategy. This game has a free version which has the same feature as the non-demo one - a special character (essentially a Wild symbol) that replaces any other, to help you reach the jackpot. The game includes free bonus rounds, and not only one - we are talking two bonus rounds in a row. Roll that barrel of rum and start the adventure.

Rick and Morty Megaways Slot
For all fans of the ultimate Rick and Morty multiverse, Blueprint and Megaways united have developed an awesome surprise! If you like the show, you will like playing with the characters even more! The storyline is guiding you through exciting adventures of Morty and his drunk yet awesome grandpa, the crazy scientist Rick, who is travelling around the universe and between multiple realities. The characters are keeping their personalities - Rick is cynical, egocentric, annoyed by every boring information he may find around him, while Morty is following him around, adorable and naive as he is. The characters symbol is, expectedly, the most powerful symbol in the game, while the difference between Rick symbol and Morty symbol is in the value they have, which is directly proportional to the difference in their IQ. Winning combinations go from 3 to 6 same characters at the time (side characters included), and the payout varies upon this number.

Big Bad Wolf Online Slot
What is your favorite fairy tale? Whatever your answer might be, there is probably a slot machine game designed according to the fairy tale story line. The Big Bad Wolf is consistent with creatures reminding us of the wolf and three piglets, animated to create an ultimate pleasant experience while you spin the slot seeking justice for the little piggies. The outcome of the game depends on the position of the wolf among three little pigs, described as the wolf is chasing the piggies back to their homes to growl and take their homes down. Aside from lovely illustrations, this is a 5x3 game scheme, with five reels each of which has three images in it. If you love making slot bets, this game is a great choice since it comes with 25 compensation lines, 3x multiplier, and with low volatility - ensuring frequent wins. The return to player (RTP) rate is super high as well - 97,31% in total, while the highest payout you can receive is 1,268x of the total wager, which is great considering that the betting amounts go up to 125 pounds. If you play for fun and like to place small bets, you can still do that. The smallest bet allowed is one quarter of a pound. Enjoy the illustrations, graphics, and a fairy soundtrack while winning every round of this slot game.

Monster Pop Slot
Monster Pop is a slot developed by one of the slot kings in the industry - Betsoft. This slot is available as a free slot game in the demo version, and the best part of the game is the RTP rate - the return percentage is 97,07% which is pretty damn high for a slots game. It has a medium volatility, meaning you win at a random round, which signalizes that you can make higher bets in every other round and win the awesome maximum payout of x2270 with the jackpot. The game is designed with 5 spinning reels and Cluster Pays paylines, making it stand out and be more exciting than most iOS slot games. This video slot has everything you need - free spins, a Wild symbol, the Scatter symbol - however what is lacking is the bonus and the multiplier, which aren’t really needed when you check out your realistic chances (you can easily win big without them). There are two modes for this game - an automatic and a “Quick Spin” mode, for quick hit lovers. This is a monster-themed game, you can play for free, designed in 13x13 format, with monster characters and a slightly spooky vibe. Feeling brave? Feeling lucky? Monster Pop awaits your bets.

Guide on how to play free slots for iPhone

Play big win slots with your iPad

If you are an iPad user, you can play all our slots via 500freeslots for the iPad. Simply go to our webpage and find the best 500freeslots for iPhone, in order to start playing your favourite games straight away.

Play Free Slots for iPhone

If you wish to play the slots for free, you don’t need to create an account or make a deposit. Simply enter 500freeslots in your browser search and choose among the available slots machines to start playing the demo versions and discover your preferences before you start making real money.

Play iPhone games to win real money

Are you feeling ready to start earning with the best slots on your Apple device? Good.  To play iPhone slots for real money, all you need to do is click on the Register button. Follow the step by step instructions to create an account and connect the payment method you prefer. Once you first start slot game on iOS and make a deposit, implement your tactics, and get your jackpots directly to your bank account.

Strategy on how to win in IOS online slots 2020

Be at the top of your game

Before you begin depositing great amounts of money, do your research to determine which game is worth playing and pick the games that have the highest Return to Player rate. It is amazing how much you can learn from the player’s reviews of what is the best casino app for iPhone - take the experience of the community and level-up to your best.

Pro tips:

  • Choose the game with the highest payout (RTP) - 96 percent or higher.

  • Select the games with a low volatility score if you are a beginner.

  • Select the games with special features such as the Wild symbol, Scatters symbol, and a multiplier.

  • Select the games with promotions - free spins and bonus rounds.

  • Only play at a certified casino with a guarantee of game quality.

  • Only play at a licensed casino with the safest payment methods.

  • Choose the casino which itself offers bonuses and promotions for slots on a regular basis.

Learn how to play

Now that you know how to pick your game, it is time that you exercise and put your luck into practice. Try our different top casino games for iPhone in the demo version for free, to get a hang of the playing strategy you will implement. Once the slots get into your fingers and you feel ready, go for it and start playing iPhone slot games for real money!

Benefits of playing IOS slot games with 500freeslots

Why are 500freeslots best gambling apps for iPhone?

Our mobile casino is working under a player-first philosophy, meaning that we value your experience first. 500freeslots iPhone casino offers a free bonus for new players, to explore the slots with no expenses, and to have a chance at winning real money straight away.

Our customer support is available 24/7 through the casino webpage, for reaching the optimal experience of each player enjoying the best slots game on iOS devices. You can reach out to us anytime via contacting our website support operators. The support staff is trained and reliable to quickly solve any issue you might have and help you with your requests, in order for you to continue enjoying free slot games for iPhone within our software.

When it comes to free casino slot apps, remember that at 500freeslots for iPad you are free to play without downloading any, just from your browser, there are certain games you can play only on your smart device only, and with free demo versions specially designed for the need of your display and adapted to the touchpad you are using.

Your iOS protects you with high security to ensure your information is protected. 500freeslots mobile casino is working together with your operative system to protect the data from the app stores, especially when it comes to your payment methods. Thus, there is two-step encryption for every byte you download and upload, allowing you extra security and safety.

Also, it is important to note, for making a deposit and withdrawing your funds from the 500freeslots, there are no additional transaction fees for iOS users, so all the money you make is absolutely yours to use as you see fit. The withdrawal process is quick and smooth, so you can gamble for the dinner check while at the dinner itself.

The esteemed benefit of playing with iOS

The same slots machine games are often found on both desktop and smartphone mobile casino apps.  Since mobile slots are the most popular type of game among IOS users, 500freeslots, mobile-friendly casino, offers a wide range of up-to-date online slot games that have been adapted for online play on devices developed by Apple, PLUS the software providers are creating specially designed features that are often available only for iPhone slots. What is more, If you are a slot fan and own an iOS-based device, there is no need to download the app from the App store, play directly from the web browser without registration.