Gemix Online Slot

Gemix Slot

Gemix Game info

  • Games Played 376
  • Game Type Video Slots
  • Software Play'n GO

Gemix Slot Game Review

  • Bonus Game
  • Progresive No
  • Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Autoplay
  • Multiplayer No
  • Free Spins No
  • Paylines 1
  • Reels 7
  • RTP 96.75%
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 1
  • Min Coins Size 0.5
  • Max Coins Size 100
  • Jackpot 500

If you are reading this, you’ve probably played other game slots that revolve around gems on your mobile phone. Today, such games are everywhere and even adults are addicted to them. With such stiff competition in the market, most gamblers have reported that this is the best slot game slot in this genre.

While doing your research about the best gem game slot, you probably came across the Diamond’s Game created by IGT. In gemix slot, almost everything is standard. What is there can be found in other games? This does not mean that it is not interesting.

You should try it out and see for yourself. Unlike such a game, Gemix has introduced a couple of enticing features, new gems and bonus offers to boost your odds. Gemix has been known to do things quite differently from its lot. You can win loads of cash by playing it using your mobile phone anywhere anytime.

Play Time

While reading Gemix Online Slot Machine Review, you’ll notice that it has different levels, surroundings, and forms of entertainment. The more you play and win, the higher you rank and the greater the experience. You’ll play this game slot on a 7x7 reel where all the beautiful gems are located. You’ll get to win you see five gems adjacent to each other appearing and disappearing together. A new combo is created when the gems move downwards ultimately falling into their place.

Under the gems, you’ll see patterns of squares. The more you win, the more they change their color from blue to orange. When all the squares become orange, you’ll move to a higher level where you’ll get another pattern that needs to be filled. After completing three similar patterns, you’ll be directed to another world. The more you progress, the higher your chances of winning big. You are going to get your prize when you fill all the squares that belong to this world.

In terms of graphics, Gemix slot machine is on top. You can always differentiate it from other game slots because the gems have been shaped uniquely and colorfully. Not to forget the light captivating music which can get repetitive. However, as long as you are immersed in the game, you won’t notice this. When you start winning, the music becomes more intense with more drums beats and bass. By changing the world, your music and background will change completely.

Looking forward to

The different world and patterns will most likely keep you engaged especially when you start making progress and winning big. Plus, other interesting things make this game slot the ideal Gem game. While playing you’ll see the Crystal Charge which normally appears on your display pattern. Every gem helps you progress towards the big win. After winning using at least twenty signs, you’ll get four unique behaviors.

There will be a blast where all the symbols will be wiped out thus enabling you to get more of them and boost your odds. Every world will have its unique characters which will appear to offer you extra wild signs. You’ll get to see dwarfs. Princesses and wizards.

In short, gemix slot game is simply amazing. Play N Go did a remarkable job this time. Now you don’t have to get bored playing your usual gem games on your mobile phone. Try out something new today. Unlike other games, you’ll get rewarded well for playing and progressing on gemix slot review. With all the features that this game has, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get immersed once you start playing. This is the time to fatten your wallet during your leisure time. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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