Play tablet slots online

Are you the type of person who prefers tablets over smartphones and desktop computers? Tablets are, in many ways, much easier to use - they are lighter than the laptop and you can play laying in your bed, but the display is much bigger than your smartphone and thus more comfortable for playing slots games. Mobile casinos are more and more popular each day, and tablet casino that offers free slots for tables (android AND iOS) is a dream come true. 500freeslots is offering a wide variety of online slots machines you can play on your tablets and make money while on the plane, in the coffee shop, or just before bedtime while you are relaxing. Check out our recommended free slots for an Android tablet in the list below.

Ever since online casinos appeared, gamblers worldwide began craving for more slots and more exciting slots games. Tablet casino, however, is presenting the specific types of slots adapted to fit your tablet display perfectly, and get mobile gambling to a much higher level. Many tablet users are delighted with the selection of games you can play on your portable device, and some prefer free slots for tablets rather than for smartphone devices, for many reasons we will elaborate. To be able to play tablet slots online, all you need is a strong internet connection - everything else is sorted for you by the casino. You can enjoy the best tablet slot games without needing to download the app from your store. Simply open your browser and enter the casino website. The website is user-friendly and scalable for each tablet screen size. With a wi-fi connection and an up-to-date browser, the casino run by the html5 optimization can fit in your hands perfectly and be as easy to navigate as you would like.

How to get started enjoying tablet Online gambling for free? 

Playing in 500freeslots online casino is the easiest thing in the world, and we will take you through the whole process step-by-step, to your convenience.

Pre-setting of your tablet device

Whether you are using an Android or iOS tablet, the 500freeslots table slots can be played within your default browser. Before you start playing, though, make sure your operative system is up-to-date, as well as that you are using the newest and fastest version of your browser. This is important since you wouldn’t enjoy a slots game that is loading slowly or not syncing quickly enough.

Charge your tablet

Another trivial piece of advice, yet very important. You can enjoy your free slots for Android tablets and use up all your battery while doing that. Remember to charge your tablet before starting to play - in case that your battery dies and your tablet switches off, the game will stop and you will certainly lose the round you found yourself in, and that can be rather unsatisfying.

Have a good internet connection

Same as with the battery advice, if your connection breaks during the game - there is no coming back. Free casino games for tablets are not using up a lot of data; however, it is best if you have a stable wi-fi connection than using your own data from the SIM card you might have on your tablet.

Visit 500freeslots

Simply type our website address in your browser and dive into the land of free slot games for android tablets. Select the slots game you’d like and click the start button.


You can enter our site and simply play free casino games for Android tablets. However, most slots games are available for free only in their demo version. To unlock all the game features and make real money to your bank account, as well as to become eligible for promotions and bonuses such as free spins from 500freeslots, you need to follow the additional steps.

Become a 500freeslots member

Go to the Login button on the top of our casino page. A new window will open where at the bottom you should enter the Join button to register and create an account with our tablet slots casino. Registering in our casino is completely free of charge, and you will only have to link your payment methods once you decide to make a deposit.

Add your payment preferences

Since you are playing slots games in your browser, your payment methods are completely protected by our website encryption. Our policy of storing your information of any type is very strict and completely safe from hackers. Your payment method can be anything you prefer - bank account, credit card, PayPal - this is the account you make your deposit from AND the account you withdraw your money to once you hit a big jackpot playing tablet slots.

Ready, steady, WIN!

Now that you have completed all the previous steps, you are ready to start making money with slots for tablets. Simply choose a game and make a deposit. Play under your strategy of choice and your first jackpot will fall into your lap. Not to mention that you are now eligible for the deposit bonus and bonus rounds, which means you will be able to enjoy slots machines on your Android or iOS tablet for many rounds longer, under the same deposit you made. Good luck!

Wide variety of tablet casino games at 500freeslots

500freeslots has prepared a selection of slot games made for tablets for all slots gamblers around the world. On our website you can find truly good slot games for tablets, specially adapted for your tabled display, and available to play online without downloading. Whether you are looking for games for Androids tablets or you are an iOS user, you can play any slots game from our tablet slots list anytime!

Among all casino games, slots are the most popular games for Android tablets - they are simple to play, easy to load, and they provide the quick thrill of gambling for when you are in a hurry and don’t have time for a game of poker. Check out our list of top slot games for tablets at the top of the page, choose your favourite, and dive into the new era of mobile slots gambling and easy money-making today!

If you encounter difficulty or you are struggling with playing slot games online for tablets, you can reach out to our support service day or night, and we will be glad to assist you with anything you inquire about.

Differences between online gamble with tablet vs desktop 

Pros of gambling at tablet casinos

Tablet gambling is nearly as popular as mobile gambling on smartphone apps. However, there are many advantages to playing slots on tablet casinos than desktop or mobile phone. Unlike desktop computers, tablets are portable - you can put them in your bag and move them anywhere with you. If you are bored while waiting for a friend at the restaurant or a coffee shop, you can always play slots for iOS tablets, kill time, have fun, and win the money to pay for the bill.

Laptops are also a mobile device that you might use instead. However, tablets usually have a much durable battery life than laptop computers, meaning you can play slots for iPad tablet hours longer than on your laptop. On the other hand, laptops are bigger, heavier, and the battery heats up quickly. They might not be the first choice when you decide to travel, or the device you keep next to your bed to bet a little slots game before going to sleep.

The main advantage of playing slots for an iPhone tablet or an Android tablet, contrary to smartphone mobile gambling, is the screen size. The tablet screen is smaller than the desktop screen but much bigger than the display of your mobile phone. What does this practically mean? First of all, the tablet screen is more clear to scroll through than the smaller screen, lighter for the eye of the gambler, and the website in your browser will load faster with no need to adapt as much as it would for a smartphone device.

Tablets are your best friends for travelling - whether we are talking about day to day transit or international flights. They are much easier to use in your car while stuck on a busy highway, or on a plane waiting for the drink to arrive. Tablet does not take up much space in your bag, charges quickly, and the battery life is satisfying for the trip.

Cons of tablet slots games

On the cons side, the limits of using tablets are that they don’t fit into your pocket the way smartphones do, so you’d need to carry them in your bag to play free slots for tablets. As opposed to desktop computers and laptops, tablets do have a smaller screen, so gambling for a longer period of time might be challenging if you have a poor vision and your eyes get tired easily.

How to win in tablet slots without download: best strategies

There are many fancy strategies to boost your chances of winning the slot online tablet game, and each gambler has a different gambling style which is why not every strategy works for every player. Let’s review the two most popular strategies that are based on the volatility level of the game. The volatility of the game represents the level of risk the game presents of you losing. There are two types of slots - the low volatility slots and high volatility slots. Based on the type of slots, you can develop different strategies.

Strategy #1 - Choose the Low Volatility Slots

The odds of winning low volatility slots are very high, and the chance of hitting the right symbol combination is on your side entirely. You can bet many times and win multiple rounds in a row easily. However, easy wins come at a price, and you should consider if you are this type of a gambler. The payout is usually a small reward, so you can win many times, but the small amount of money each time. Betting strategy? Bet medium amounts each time, and win reciprocity to what you bet.

Strategy #2 - Choose the High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots are the types of slots where the odds of winning the jackpot are significantly smaller, but the jackpot is a lot bigger. These slots are ideal for patient players who have a lot of time to dedicate and will play with a slow pace strategy. If you are willing to wait for the big jackpot and lose several times before that, you should play with these slots. High volatility slots are riskier in general since you can’t be sure how long you need to play and how much money to deposit until you actually win a single round. Betting strategy? Bet four times a medium amount and fifth time make a higher bet.

Pro Tips for the win

  1. Play free online games for Android tablets before you learn how to play and become familiar with the games.

  2. Once you’ve mastered free slot games for tablets, choose your volatility strategy, and start making deposits.

  3. Only play at a licensed tablet casino that provides safety with your information and payment methods.

  4. Play the slots with the RTP (Return to Player) rate of 96% or higher.

  5. Don’t be afraid to place higher bets. Higher bets usually mean more frequent wins, especially if you are playing progressive slots.

Are you ready to conquer the world of mobile gambling from your Android tablet or iPad? Sign up for your membership with 500freeslots today, and become one of many satisfied remote gamblers around the world.