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When we think about ways to escape our daily lives, most people paint a picture with a sandy coast, palm trees, cocktails, and go-go dancers. But we know that, for a wild party, you don’t need to fly across the world and spend all your income. Real parties can take place on your screen at home, and instead of throwing away your earnings, you double them instead.

Welcome to, the place of exclusive fun slots for UK players! Treat yourself with an enchanting experience that lasts for unlimited hours: pick your favourite out of hundreds of games we have prepared for you. We will assist you in determining what the best machines are by reviewing and ranking them, so you’ll waste no time in finding the perfect game according to your taste, the game whose RTP can set you a yacht and take you anywhere. Unsure what your type of slots are? Don’t miss out on our exclusive, free, entertaining, and profitable virtual treasure 500freeslots casino has to offer! Play free casino slots and triumph with big money today!

Why choose slots with

Let us put all cards on the table: What do you really get by becoming a member?

  • Hundreds of super free slots plus big payouts.
  • Every day we add new free slots to play for fun.
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Bonus, No Deposit Cashback & Free Spins Slots

If bonuses are what gets your motor running, you’ve found yourself at the right address. We all know that the most enticing part of slots is free spins, and we like to surprise our members with them regularly. Quite a bit of our games offer free bonuses, even if you make no deposit.

Bonus Slots

Who doesn’t like presents? An inner child inside of us still enjoys surprises and gifts. Bonus slots are twice as exciting as the games with no special treats such as extra spins and the exotic Wild and Scatter symbols are your right hand in stumbling upon a jackpot. Bonuses come in many shapes and forms, in coins that the 500freeslots casino will award you for using on our special slots.

No Deposit Slots

As with any board or video game, we all have our first picks. What we love are slots that are actually free - with no need to wager anything to win the jackpot. Earn double and gain more spins with no deposit free slots, and see how the money gets pulled out of thin air onto your bank account. Frankly, this is one of the top possibilities that you have with slots, but not with horse races and other gambling games.

Cashback Slots

No luck spinning today? Nothing to worry about! If you wagered money to play instead of hitting the free online casino slots, our cashback slots will return some of your coins back to you to try back again after a while. Gambling addictions can be hard, so 500freeslots helps you in being safe over being reckless.

Free Spins Slots

Some argue that free spins are the top-notch of any slot game. Many of the games on 500freeslots come with free spins to spice things up and help you win the jackpot without wagering any more money than you planned to. But, hey - Rome wasn't built in a day. Don’t get carried away and spin by all means. Perhaps this isn’t your lucky day, and that’s fine - take a break and come back later, we are not going anywhere.

Best national slot games

Our free online slots in the UK are a charming collection of slot games from across the continents. Play exotic USA games, ancient free slot machine games with themes from Egypt to Greece, as well as slots inspired with the greatest musical icons of the 80s and 90s.

Las Vegas Slots

There is no place like Vegas, and so for the real adventurous gamblers, we have prepared Las Vegas slots that provide the best gambling experience for all player types. Play Electric Avenue, Hotline, Dance Party and more with 500freeslots ultimate casino.

UK Slots

For true patriots, a real homecoming category of free slot games on our website is the UK slot section. Original, authentic, and with high payouts - this selection of slots with free spins and no deposit are the UK's finest gambling treat.

Most profitable and entertainable slots

There are better hobbies than, for example, reading a book over a cup of tea. Free slots with high real money payouts are exciting all the way, and progressive jackpot slots are creme de la creme of gambling. In the digital era, there is a lot more into slot games that make them fun to play. Fast internet enables you to play live slots directly in a real-life casino with players from all over, while video slots are a high-quality experience that speaks for itself.

Progressive Jackpot slots

There’s nothing like a little competition with other gamblers to make the game more exciting. With a progressive jackpot, you are entering the game of luck and the chase for the big win that is about to burst any second.

HD Video slots

Sure, we all love playing free slot games for fun, but if you are a perfectionist - video slots will blow your mind. These are, by far, the most quality of all slot games in terms of design, operational functions, and overall the whole experience. Looking for a paradise for your eyes and your pockets - free video slots are your way to go. Try the popular Rick and Morty Megaways slot and have a blast with what these animated characters bring to the table.

Live Slots

We find digital fashion groundbreaking in so many ways, yet our users still prefer a real-life show. For old fashioned players who enjoy spending time at the actual casino in front of the free slot machine and play like there’s no tomorrow - we have prepared live slots that will teleport you to your favourite house. Free online slot machines with sounds, graphics, and coins like the original ones provide you with the genuine in-casino experience you are craving for.

Novelty Slots 2021

We like to stay on top of the game and keep you updated with the current trends in the gambling world. For a good start of the New year, we keep the games up-to-date and fresh out of the oven. Discover New Slots 2021 has to brag about and be the first one to know when the new free demo slot games are out. Play band new free deposit slots as a 500freeslots casino member.

Slot games for each device

As a modern man, you just have to have everything available for you 24/7, and we get that. That’s why you can always reach our casino - at home, in work, in the car or public transport - you can play free slot games with no deposit whenever and wherever you feel lucky or just want to make the time go a little faster.

PC slots

All of our free slot games with bonuses can be played in a traditional online way - on the big screen of your PC computer. You can access our website at all times, and by simply opening 500freeslots in your browser you are one click away from your favourite free slots - no download required to start playing and win real money.

Tablet slots

Many players enjoy spending their free time on their tablet devices. If you are one of them, free online slot games are now available as tablet slots especially for you. What better way to spend a coffee break at work than spinning a little for fun?

IOS slots

iPhone is fairly common in the UK, and it is the device you carry with you all the time. It is only logical that you wish to be able to play free casino slot games for fun anytime during the day, whether you are in a park or on a vacation. Our IOS slots are something you should have on you - in your pocket, one fingerprint authentication away.

Android slots

Just as we are easy to reach via iPhone, Android users aren’t left behind. Play free slot machine games without downloading or registration, on your mobile device, with our selection of the best Android slots. Free mobile slots are a big hit now, and being responsive is what makes us the pioneers of gambling. Why missing out?

Choose slot machine by game genre

We know, we know - there are so many free casino slot games, and among them a lot of free slots with no deposit, where you get to keep what you win. So how do you choose the one you’ll love? There are two hot categories of slots on 500freeslots that cannot disappoint! Take your pick and give them a test spin.
Fruit slots
Luckily, no longer just the vending machines, fruit slots are trending in casino houses worldwide, and they are still the #1 game for a lot of gamblers. Discover what makes them so special and delicious, and test the free demo slots available in the UK now!
Fishing slots
Fishing slots are new, intriguing, and unique game selection that 500freeslots has prepared for you. Too tired to go fishing? Here’s your new hobby: play free slots and win real money with easy and fun gone-fishing-slots.

Most popular slot games

Dynamics of publishing new games by the manufacturers are intense, but we are not lazy: every day a team of professional players, alongside our members, regularly test, play and review what new surprises are trending. Thus, if you wonder what free slots you can play in the UK - we are your go-to crew. Surrounded by experts, and pros, you are in safe hands. Among the best free slots (no deposit) that can win you real money in a click, these are our preferences.
Jack and the Beanstalk Slot
On a crowded, gloomy day, solitude is what folks turn to. In times like this, take Jack and the Beanstalk Slot to keep you company and lighten your mood. Not only does it resemble our favourite childhood story, but this 5-reel game also has an extraordinary RTP, plus a bonus, free spins, special symbols - all you can wish for.
Wizard of oz slot
Another magical fairytale found its place inside a slot game, and it is the Wizard of Oz slot. Wizard of Oz slots offer free coins you can spend in the game, alongside many perks this mystical game contains. Begin a journey over the rainbow discovering the jackpot that awaits at the end. This one's for bald men, who want to break free.
Rainbow riches free slots
Rainbow riches free slots are conquering the hearts of new fans every day. This old-fashioned, retro game, has an unbelievable jackpot of 3000x your wager so that answers the question of why Rainbow riches grow under your skin and becomes a necessity.
Starburst slot
Every true gamer has already heard of the Starburst slot. With appealing graphics, 10 paylines, and a really big jackpot, this game deserves to be taken for a free spin. Take it from the experience of our team or your fellow players, or try out Starburst in demo for free to see if you will fall in love with it like everyone else.
Cleopatra slot
Free Cleopatra slots are simultaneously as intimidating and delightful as Caesars who share free coins to new players. Be charmed by these sensational leaders and lovers, and inspired to take higher risks - not only in gambling - in life overall. Travel through time and space, back to this brilliant ancient civilization.

Our everyday lives are fast and furious, day to day we are struggling to find a piece of mind, to relax and enjoy a little playfulness. In front of you is not just an ordinary casino - this is the corner of the web where you can be yourself, with your likes and dislikes, without rushing and pretending. Play free money no deposit slots in the UK’s finest online casino -