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WMS is well-known among slot adrenaline junkies for its groundbreaking titles it brought to the industry. The reputation this team has established over the years is once again justified with the Wizard of Oz slots games they have made our reality. Having doubts? Play Wizard of Oz slots online for free, and see for yourself.

TOP WMS slots based on Wizard of Oz theme 

Among the WMS games are famous titles like Black Knight, Monopoly, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. With bringing to life some of our beloved characters, these manufacturers have won our hearts, but with the development of these magical games from the city of Oz, they have excelled all their previous work.

Original Wizard of Oz slot 

The first of many Wizard of Oz slots online is inspired by the novel and includes the adorable music and inserts from the film. It offers the funniest bonus features, including the Glinda Good Witch that awards you with delicious witchy candy. Players will see the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Scarecrow, Tin Man and many others.

Wizard of Oz slot: Ruby Slippers

The Wizard of Oz ruby slippers slots is what your feet can slip in and truly spin your life upside down. Being the game that is also available to play as free slots, Wizard of Oz ruby slippers is very much loved by the gamblers. With standard reels and colourful paylines, you have great chances of winning and coming out richer on the other side.

Wizard of Oz slot: Wicked Riches

Wicked Riches is a dark and spooky game in this series, designed for the adventurous players. The Wicked Witch made this game more authentic than any other, and the whole journey, even the bonuses, are painted with her fingerprints. If a little bit of scare-house is your cup of tea, then go ahead and play Wizard of Oz slots online for fun!

Wizard of Oz: Road to Emerald City

In this game, our favourite girl Dorothy Gale is on her way to the Emerald City itself, and ultimately home. With this Wizard of Oz slots, get free coins and help Dorothy (and yourself) go home with full pockets. If all you’ve ever wanted is to be a part of a fantasy, play Wizard of Oz slots - Road to Emerald City.

Wizard of Oz Slot overview: TOP rated by UK gamblers

Wizard of Oz slots are very trendy in the UK and rated as British favourite slot games. Even if we look at the Wizard of Oz free play slots version, without a full ensemble of features, we can still see one of the top played games on the island.

How to play & win in Wizard of Oz slot machine

You can find Wizard of Oz slots online for free, which makes a good start in gaining the habit of dominating these games. Once you make a deposit and your first bet, you will start receiving many fairytale-themed bonuses, that are special and vary from one Wizard of Oz slots game to another. Test-run every variation there is - play Wizard of Oz slots free, and pick your favourite one whose tempo works best for you.

When it comes to tips for winning, the best advice we can give on how to win big on Wizard of Oz slots is to use special promotions the casino will award you - Wizard of Oz slots free credits, to win as much as possible without spending a penny from your wallet! Once you got the hang of it, make bold deposits and get yourself ready for a jackpot.

For IOS & Android Users: play Wizard of Oz on your mobile

Another great thing about the Wizard of Oz online slots is that they can be played on any device - as long as you are a gambler at 500freeslots, you can enjoy free Wizard of Oz slots, no download necessary! 

More and more gamblers find playing slots to be relaxing and they do it in their free time. Because of the high-demand to play on the go, we have prepared Android and iOS slots, and the top games players absolutely love are Wizard of Oz video slots. Play free slots: Wizard of Oz on your way to work, in a lunch break, on the road - wherever and whenever you are, take your favourite games with you.

Test Wizard of Oz Slots for free before making a deposit

Just as you try on the new shirt before making a purchase, try the games on before making a bet. The best way to discover if the game works for you - pace, gambling style, sense of design and storytelling - is to take it for a spin. On 500freeslots, you can play the Wizard of Oz slots free, without registration or deposit, and choose your favourite. The four Wizard of Oz free online slots are so different in terms of the game outline, music, colours, bonuses, paylines, so it is really best if you trust no one but yourself to select the right one you wish to bet within.

Either way, any free slots Wizard of Oz game is time well spent, since you didn’t actually spend any money, yet we guarantee you will have fun while learning how to win this machine.

Wizard of Oz Slots FAQ 

Should I have to register as a member in order to play Wizard of Oz slots online?

No. You can play any game on 500freeslots for free in the demo version, including the collection of slots Wizard of Oz. However, by becoming a member, you will be entitled to many perks, including Wizard of Oz slots bonus wheel.

How to cheat the Wizard of Oz slot game?

One known Wizard of Oz slots free coins hack is used to get extra spins for free. If you click to download the Wizard of Oz slots cheat engine online, though, you can be fished with bate by spam, so it is quite risky to try and do this in the first place.