What are fruit slots and why are they so popular?

By @500freeslots | Apr 25, 2024
Get Ready for Fruit Juice: Slots by Pragmatic Play & NetEnt

You’ve never tried to play fruit shop slot games before? You are missing out big time! Fruit slots have the longest tradition when it comes to slot design and they are all-time classic machines. Popularized in the USA, these machines found their way into every Vegas casino, and since have spread around the world. Their appealing design and cheerful colours made them fun for all online UK players.

What makes fruit slots so special?

Fruit slots were initially been created as a form of rebellion after gambling was banned shorty in the states, presented as the candy machines instead of the betting game. A brilliant fruits slot machine would take your penny and give you the candy (flavoured: strawberry, lemon, plumb) if you have “won” the game, instead of awarding you with money. Ever since then, slot machine fruit symbols are widely known as the exciting game of luck and an evergreen temptation for people looking for some fun time.

What are the best hit fruit slot providers? 

With the quick progress of the digital sphere of our lives, online casinos have gained extraordinary popularity. Online slots became a field of experiment and development for many game providers, and so different gaming companies have specialized in specific slots. The best providers offering the fruit slot games currently on our market are Pragmatic Play and NetEnt. NetEnt casino the UK is offering exciting fruit-designed games such as Fruit Shop, while kick-ass free Pragmatic slots are available as well - Fruit Rainbow and Juicy Fruit. These free games in online casinos mean you can find Pragmatic in a casino with no deposit needed, and bonus available.

Fruit slot machines – choosing the best

Once you are caught up in the fruit slot fever, a whole new world of wonderful games opens up in front of you. Fruit machines casinos are full of different slots designed to fulfil all your fantasies, and free fruit slot games are a treat for all. When choosing the best fruit slot, the same rules apply as with any other slot game:

  • Is the RTP (return to player) rate high enough? Over 96% is considered a good rate for winning the game.
  • Which machine will payout next? If you play with progressive fruit slots, you should keep track of the machine that will cash the jackpot sooner.
  • What kind of bonuses does the slot have? In a lot of cases, bonuses and special symbols are the key factors to winning big at slots, so it’s important to learn about the game to take advantage when playing.

Versatile and Innovative: Fruit Rainbow Slot

This groundbreaking new fruit slot game is one of the best designs ever created by Pragmatic Play. This trusted provider has been in the business for a long time, and this time the treat is on the players: Fruit Rainbow is waaay more than a classic fruit slot - it’s a crazy fruits slot machine. Bright colours, fruity-theme - hell, this slot even smells like juicy bubblegum, makes this game the tastiest slot you’ll ever have the chance of winning.

Winning Fruit Shop Online Slot By NetEnt 

Fruit Shop is among the favourite games as reported by the gambling bloggers. Based on the reviews of hundreds of online players, it is safe to say this game is more than satisfying according to all parameters. This fruit machine game pays up to 2000 times your stake, PLUS it includes Wild card and free spins to help you win more often. This king of fruit games slot land takes the bets from 0.15 pounds to 150 pounds, meaning that the maximum amount you can win playing this game is (get your calculators) 300.000 pounds! Talking about earning yourself a new car?

Party Hard: Juicy Fruit Slot by Pragmatic Play

This cutie fruits slot is the top choice for all nostalgic players. While having fun gambling with this game, you also travel through time summoning the feeling of playing the traditional fruit machine in a crowded shopping mall. Even though this free game by Pragmatic Play resonates with classic slots, you are in for a treat of winning a big prize. The game starts you off with 15 free spins and has a progressive multiplier that increases by 1 with each spin. After using up all your free spins, you have a good multiplier start to win minimum 15 times what you wager. There is no doubt that this new game will soon be way ahead of its competition.

Tropic Bananas go Bahamas Slot: high volatility & solid RTP 

This exotic game is the perfect place for you to go bananas while your bananas are taking you to a tropical beach with cocktails and jackpots. This game is a perfect example of how casino fruit slots can have creative storylines and tickle your imagination with the bright blue sky, the sea, and palm trees making shade for you. If you are in the mood for a holiday in the Caribean, then this casino games slots fruit is the one to pick. With high volatility, this game offers high jackpots with a fair chance of winning, according to its RTP rate. Best of all? You have the crazy fruits slot machine free play option to use - play with no deposit, with all the bonuses.

Choosing Fruit Slot: Conclusion

The growing interest in the casino games slots fruit has changed the diet of the gambling industry. Fruit slots classic are popular internationally, and across the UK more players join the fruit-slot-fan-club every day. Aside from the fact they look attractive and tasty, it is very easy to learn how to play fruit machine slots, and most of the games you can find online are available for free play in demo version. After the fashion and music trends going retro, we are expecting big comeback of more classic slots developed by the gambling craftsmen in NetEnd and Pragmatic Play.