The concept of video slots: what are they for and how to play them?

Video slots are the same as slot machines accessible on online gaming platforms and in offline gambling halls as well. The main difference of the online video slot devices is the real casino drum reels with game symbols absence. Video slots are based on computer software and electronic managing mechanisms. Today the idea of "video slots casino" is used as a synonym for the online casino with slot machines.

On our website you will find a wide range of video slot machines provided by popular video slot manufacturers. Here you will find a lot of licensed demo copies of the original devices which will allow you to play for free and to get acquainted with the bonus features and rules of the game. Features typical for all video slots are described in article below.

The description of video slots

Once new computer technologies appeared gaming machines started transforming from mechanical to digital models. Gaming software of a new age allowed replacing bulky devices with mechanical casino drum reels and to move on the gaming digital developing.

Now it is possible to realize more gaming features:

  • to increase the number of different game combinations due to the biggest number of symbols on the drum reels;
  • to provide a larger number of lines or just to do away with them, replacing lines with different ways of winning combinations molding;
  • to use some new options on the video slots: prize games on the additional screen, more features on the main screen, and so on;
  • to use 3D graphics.

The main part of the existed video slots is almost similar to usual slot machines. The principles of the gaming are totally preserved. The gamer’s assignment has also not changed: you have to collect prize combinations during the spins to win.

The history of video slots

Slot machines as a type of entertainment appeared at the end of the XIX century. At the beginning there were only mechanical slot machines. The drum reels were driven by hand pressing. Game sessions on such devices did not last long, because they required from gamers a lot of physical effort.

With the invention of the microprocessors, it became possible to facilitate and to prolong the slot game. The physical drum reels were replaced by virtual counterparts created using the software. The absence of a physical carrier of game symbols made it possible to increase the number of images on each drum reel. And also more technical opportunities for some bonus game features implementing appeared.

Video slots review

The natural drum reels allowed gaming software manufacturers to bring to life more prominent ideas when creating digital slot machines. Modern slot machines can be different functionally, but they are still keeping the basic gaming principle–the combinations molding.  
There are following types of video slots online listed on the casino platforms:

  • three-drum reel slots;
  • machines with five drum reels;
  • devices with six drum reels involved;
  • seven-drum reel slots;
  • nine-drum reel slots.

The number of winning lines for each type of video slots varies from one to one hundred. There are also gaming machines in which the lines are replaced by different methods of combinations forming.

Slots also differ according to bonuses. Some machines offer a classic set of additional features: free spins, bonus rounds, etc. Some types of gaming machines differ the range of options supplementing them with spins, prize features, and progressive jackpots.

Playing video slots

Playing video slots is quite easy. The game rules could be easy to understand even for an online gaming beginner. All what is needed to begin a session is:

  • to set an offer;
  • to set a range of lines;
  • to choose a mode: manual (when you press the spin button by yourself) or automatic;
  • to collect winning combinations.

Usually slot combinations are molded with similar symbols arranged continually from the left side of the drum reel to the right side. Some combinations of symbols can activate additional options:

  • replacing missing pictures in a continuity;
  • starting free spins;
  • starting of an additional mini-game.

Which video slot game is better to play?

A lot of existed video slots can be a bit confusing for an inexperienced player. There are some rules which can help you to choose a good video slot. First thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s best to play on the slot that you like the most. And also you can appeal to the top slots list. This list you can find on the left side of the website. Here are the top three best slot online machines we advise to admit: Book of Ra, Crazy Monkey, Gorilla.  

How to make money on video slots?

It should be understood that the online casino gaming using video slots desktop does not guarantee any kind of stable earnings. This is more a type of entertainment than a form of money earning. But it can be a good hobby instead. The main thing you need to keep in mind: you have to follow a few rules to avoid disappointments while playing on video slots:

  • It is better to choose machines with the maximum theoretical yield (RTP).
  • Admit the game developer when choosing a machine for the game. A well-known manufacturer guarantees high game quality and secure your gaming.
  • It is better to choose slot machines with a wide range of game features (free spins, doubling, bonuses etc.).
  • It’s better to start with small bets in order to understand how it works and not to drain all the money from the very beginning.


Video slots are a new level of slot machines. The new age gaming software allows people to diversify the gaming process and to create a wide range of unique online games. Examples of free video slots can be found on our website.