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Can not say that about Playsoft known in wider circles. The company is based in France and is actively gaining popularity and a leading position in its market. It's safe to say that the guys are moving in the right direction, but it is perhaps not as fast as they would like. But as they say, is slowly but surely - it's about them.

Frankly, it took about a week to play actively in the simulator of the company to lay down their opinion, because - as it turned out, before simply do not get the slots of the company. So, on the impressions and immediately the pros.

Interface - for it is safely possible to provide a high ball, because the interface is present in the most important - it is understandable, and not knowing the language does not interfere with easy to understand the functional keys.

Further, what really surprised - it's graphics. To say that it is amazing - to say nothing. Every detail is drawn to the minutest details. Bravo! And yes, that is especially surprising - is an audio effects. In the presence of the classic ringing when scrolling drums and, of course, everyone's favorite jingle of coins, the audio while playing sounds very comfortable. I do not have to clean the sound settings that I usually do.

As for the slot in which the company has virtually no competitors Playsoft - a simulator roulette. I do not belong to the lovers of the game of roulette, but a week of testing slots has become one of the most ardent fans of the simulator. That's because the French managed to recreate the atmosphere of the casino, even while at home in his chair, I totally felt like a part of the life in the casino, where roulette, rum and cigar - integral components.